Sketching at Cotehele.

After a cloudy start to the morning the sun came out and it certainly warmed up.  Here are some snaps of the session at Cotehele Quay.

Cotehele Sketch

If you fancy some sketching practice, next Wednesday morning we will be at Golitha.

‘Creative Watercolour Techniques’ Workshop

If you have ever fancied being more creative with your watercolours, then this workshop is a must for you.

Enjoy a Fun Day Experimenting with Texture in Watercolour.  A chance to discover a more expressive style, exploring a variety of materials and equipment to create texture in your watercolours or simply just have fun!

Sun Highlight

Tutor: Yvette Wiltshire

Date: Saturday 8th July 2017

Time: 10am to 4pm.

Price: £30 (£5 Deposit)

Venue: Bodmin. Unit 4, Woods Browning Industrial Estate, Respryn Road.  Cornwall. PL31 1DQ.

You will need to bring some minor materials and equipment; a list will be available on booking.

Refreshments:  Please bring a packed lunch.

Contact me to book your space by email:

Via my websiteArt with Yvette

or Phone: 07886 343621





Sketching ‘En-Plein Air’ Wed 24th May 2017 at Cotehele Quay.

If anyone is interested in sketching ‘En-plein Air’ with tuition next Wednesday morning 24th May, we will be at ‘Cotehele Quay’ Weather Permitting.  Just turn up!!  Details are as follows:

Image result for cotehele quay

Meet at ‘Cotehele Quay’ Car Park for 9.20am ish.  Session starts at 9.30am to 12.30pm.  just turn up, £8 per session.  Car Parking is free for NT members.

Materials and Equipment List:

  • A range of hard Pencils, i.e.  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B.
  • A mechanical lead pencil with spare leads would be better than a pencil that needs sharpening
  • Drawing book of Cartridge Paper (not too thin, approx. 120 gsm weight or more) Preferably a Hard-Backed spiral bound pad.
  • Paper Blender
  • A normal white Eraser.
  • A Grey Knead-able Eraser (not the cream putty eraser)
  • Pencil sharpener or craft knife
  • A few sheets of kitchen roll.
  • Drawing Pens
  • Warm clothing and gloves, fingerless gloves are a good idea.
  • Sensible flat walking type shoes.
  • Collapsible lightweight picnic type chair or stool.
  • Sun glasses and a wet weather jacket just in case.
  • Camera
  • Money for a cup of tea/drink or bring a flask depending on where we are.
  • Change for possible car parking.
  • A plastic bag large enough to protect your work if it rains.
  • A suitable lightweight bag for carrying your art materials and equipment.
  • Sun Cream if we are lucky.
  • Elastic Bands to stop paper from flapping in wind (i.e. sketch book)

Essential Drawing Skills Workshop

This Workshop is for those wishing to improve and develop their drawing skills, to sketch with increased confidence, brush up on your perspective skills, proportion, line, tone and develop shading techniques.
To assist you, to develop an individual and expressive approach to drawing and sketch more accurately from observation.
Suitable for Beginners and Improvers.

Drawing 2

Date: 6th May 2017

Time: 10am to 4pm.

Price: £30

Venue: Bodmin – ‘Out of the Box’ Cornish Craft House.

Unit 4, Woods Browning Industrial Estate, Respryn Road.  Cornwall. PL31 1DQ.

Contact me to book your space by email:

Via my website: Art with Yvette

or Phone: 07886 343621

Materials and Equipment List:

I have spare for use during the workshop, but it is always good to work with your own if you have them.

  • A range of Pencils, i.e.  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B.  (I have spare used ones you can use)
  • White Cartridge Paper (not too thin, approx 120 gsm weight or more)
  • Paper Blenders (I have spare you can use)
  • A normal white Eraser.
  • A grey Knead-able Eraser (not the cream putty eraser)
  • Charcoal (I have spare)
  • A few sheets of kitchen roll.

Textural Effects In Watercolour 20th September 2012

At the well-known Duchy Nurseries near Lostwithiel, Cornwall, a group of 7 learners from as far as Noss Mayo in Devon enrolled on my latest workshop Textural Effects in Watercolour.  This was a fun day with plenty of experimenting and playing with a wide range of textural techniques, as well as sampling superb food in the new café and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere that the Duchy has plenty of.

Watercolour Textures Workshop 20th Sept 2012

We used watercolours, tissue paper, glue, salt, oil pastels, inks, cling film, bubble wrap, stencils, modelling paste and much more.

Watercolour, Modelling Paste, Oil Pastels and Gold Ink

Watercolour, Gold Ink & Salt

Sepia Ink, Watercolour, Salt and Gold Ink

Salt Work

Working in watercolour on top of crumpled glued down Tissue Paper

Watercolour on top of crinled Tissue paper glued down to watercolour paper with an underpainting prior to the tissue paper being glued down.

All hard at work

Colourful experimental work

The next Workshop at the Duchy Nurseries, near Lostwithiel, Cornwall is on the 4th October 2012

A Beginners Guide to Mixed Media

So why not book now to avoid disappointment and miss out!

A Mixed Media Workshop Poster

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