Additional Learner Paintings of ‘Old Wheels’.

Here is another set of ‘Watercolour Paintings of ‘Wheels in varying condition / state’s of repair by the Learners of the ‘Lostwithiel’ Class.  As before, the wheels have ‘seen better days’, BUT as per the previous post of ‘Learner Paintings’, they too have produced ‘Characterful’ / Life like Paintings, showing real Artistic Flair.

I am extremely pleased with their end results, Well Done Everyone.

Wheels 2 (1)2Wheels 2 (2)2Wheels 2 (3)2Wheels 2 (4)2Wheels 2 (5)2Wheels 2 (7)2Wheels 2 (8)2Wheels 2 (9)2Wheels 2 (11)2Wheels 2 (12)2Wheels 2 (13)2

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