Tonal Painting ‘Class Demonstrations’

Tonal Painting Scotland Cottages  Working in one colour, helps you to understand ‘tone’ better, the hue, is the colour i.e. red, blue, yellow etc…  The tone is the lightness or darkness of that colour.  In Watercolour, when working on a white surface, the light is represented by the paper, the artist is in large, painting shades.  Areas of white paper can be left, creating ‘VITAL’ highlighted contrasts.Tonal Painting Godolphin

Tonal Painting Cotehele Mill

Art Classes with Yvette


Capturing Cornwall on canvas in record art attempt

A thousand painters gathered on the Cornish coastline in an attempt to break a world record.
Were you one of these artists in West Cornwall?
Click here to watch the video

Record Breaking Artists on Coastpath

Learners Paintings on the ‘Right Road’.

This weeks class subject matter, was for the Students to produce ‘Watercolour Paintings of ‘Wheels in varying condition / state’s of repair. As you can see the majority decided to produce paintings of wheels that have ‘seen better days’, BUT what they did produce were incredibly ‘Characterful’ / Life like Paintings, showing real Artistic Flair.

I am extremely pleased with their end results, Well Done Everybody.

Wheels (15)Wheels (14)Wheels (13)Wheels (12)Wheels (11)Wheels (10)Wheels (9)Wheels (8)Wheels (7)Wheels (6)Wheels (5)Wheels (4)Wheels (3)Wheels (2)Wheels (1)

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Tonal Value Exercise by Students – 27th Feb 2018.

Working in Tone with Charcoal is quite challenging especially for students new to this medium, its a delicate and soft medium, creating beautiful tonal values.

The class at ‘Blisland’ were set this exercise, before they could start working in colour with watercolour this week.  Here are the results of ‘Oranges’ in tone and some watercolour paintings in progress..


Art Exhibition ‘Cheque’ Presentation.

We were greeted at the ‘Cornwall Air Ambulance’ Base, with a ‘Warm Welcome’ and ‘Many Thanks’ for our donation from our Art Exhibition.  Thank you ‘One and All’ for your contributions.

Cornwall Air Ambulance 1

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