Charity Art Exhibition Summary.

Thank you to everyone that helped me to run the excellent ‘Charity Art Exhibition’.

We raised £610.50p for ‘Cornwall Air Ambulance’.  However this figure will increase further, as I am still waiting to hear back from them, as to how much was donated in the separate charity collection containers.

The exhibition was opened by the Town Crier of Liskeard, Chris Smurthwaite, it was an enjoyable opening and preview evening.

Thank You One and All.


Sketching ‘En-Plein Air’ Wed 7th June at Calstock.

If anyone is interested in sketching with tuition, ‘En-Plein Air’, this Wednesday morning, we will be at ‘Caltstock.

Image result for calstock

Weather permitting of course, if wet it will be cancelled and a new date fixed.  Keep an eye open for a new posting or you can check for the new date on my website at

Meet at ‘Calstock Quay’ Car Park for 9.20am ish.  Session starts at 9.30am to 12.30pm.  just turn up, £8 per session.

Materials and Equipment List:

  • A range of hard Pencils, i.e.  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B.
  • A mechanical lead pencil with spare leads would be better than a pencil that needs sharpening
  • Drawing book of Cartridge Paper (not too thin, approx. 120 gsm weight or more) Preferably a Hard-Backed spiral bound pad.
  • Paper Blender
  • A normal white Eraser.
  • A Grey Knead-able Eraser (not the cream putty eraser)
  • Pencil sharpener or craft knife
  • A few sheets of kitchen roll.
  • Drawing Pens
  • Warm clothing and gloves, fingerless gloves are a good idea.
  • Sensible flat walking type shoes.
  • Collapsible lightweight picnic type chair or stool.
  • Sun glasses and a wet weather jacket just in case.
  • Camera
  • Money for a cup of tea/drink or bring a flask depending on where we are.
  • Change for possible car parking.
  • A plastic bag large enough to protect your work if it rains.
  • A suitable lightweight bag for carrying your art materials and equipment.
  • Sun Cream if we are lucky.
  • Elastic Bands to stop paper from flapping in wind (i.e. sketch book)

Naughty Pupils!!

A recent drawing class were sent to face the walls, just like naughty school children, but at least they had something to do!!P1150394







Its not ideal working from a wall as its a bit too upright, an easel at a slight angle would be better.

Drawing and painting standing at an easel assists you to take a step back and observe your work, it helps you to get some perspective on your work.  Its important to stand away from time to time, just by standing a few feet away will help you see your mistakes, keeping your nose almost touching you work means that you are not observing the overall effects you are trying to make.

Additionally it helps you to become a freer,  looser artist, allowing you to make more expressive marks, the closer you are to your work the tighter your mark making will be.

It is doubly important to make sure that your easel position is at the right height and angle for you, so you don’t have to keep lifting your arm up, as this will become tiring.  Relax and remember to breath, roll your shoulders occasionally to ease any tension, try not to twist your body too, position yourself straight on.  The experience should be enjoyable and relaxing not feel like a workout.

To help free your drawing up try using your non drawing hand, i.e. if your right handed use your left hand and visa versa.

Remember relax and enjoy it, after all its only just a piece of paper!


Essential Drawing Skills Workshop

This Workshop is for those wishing to improve and develop their drawing skills, to sketch with increased confidence, brush up on your perspective skills, proportion, line, tone and develop shading techniques.
To assist you, to develop an individual and expressive approach to drawing and sketch more accurately from observation.
Suitable for Beginners and Improvers.

Drawing 2

Date: 6th May 2017

Time: 10am to 4pm.

Price: £30

Venue: Bodmin – ‘Out of the Box’ Cornish Craft House.

Unit 4, Woods Browning Industrial Estate, Respryn Road.  Cornwall. PL31 1DQ.

Contact me to book your space by email:

Via my website: Art with Yvette

or Phone: 07886 343621

Materials and Equipment List:

I have spare for use during the workshop, but it is always good to work with your own if you have them.

  • A range of Pencils, i.e.  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B.  (I have spare used ones you can use)
  • White Cartridge Paper (not too thin, approx 120 gsm weight or more)
  • Paper Blenders (I have spare you can use)
  • A normal white Eraser.
  • A grey Knead-able Eraser (not the cream putty eraser)
  • Charcoal (I have spare)
  • A few sheets of kitchen roll.

Merry Christmas To You All


Merry Christmas to each and every follower of ‘Art with Yvette’ and a special thank you to those of you that sent one of your very own painted cards.  I have received 27 in no Christmas Cards that have been hand painted or printed professionally from your own paintings, a record number this year which means I will have to get a bigger box to store them in, as I save every one of them each year. When I have a moment I will send out an image of the ones I have received this year.

Have a super Christmas and eat, drink and be merry.

Finally, I would like to apologise for the lack of Blog Posts this year, numerous Laptop problems have meant that I have been unable to get my act in gear and settle down to writing them. Now I am back up and running properly, you will find that you will be getting inundated with blog posts, as I have taken lots of photos of learners work during the year and I am eager to let you see them.  Its been a very good year for classes, with plenty of new faces joining them and I am feeling super positive for the new year ahead.



Our Day out at Sclerder Abbey

Well what can I say, what a great day we had, we were so blessed with good weather on Saturday 25th July at Sclerder Abbey near Talland Bay.

By prior appointment, we were privaleged to spend the day at this peaceful location and with the added bonus of having an indoor area to use during our visit as well.

Sclerder Abbey is a beautiful former Carmelite monastery half an hour by car from Plymouth and just ten minutes from the sea.  It now offers Ignatian retreats for the individual or groups.  Additionally CANA sessions are held for couples and children at weekends.

Here are some pictures from our day.

P1130169P1130123P1130162P1130115P1130086P1130146P1130156P1130158P1130099 P1130105





Learner Painting of the Month.

Wow, this painting deserved to be the Learner Painting of the Month, the Wave, Sea and Rocks painting is by Beth Galipeau, a learner from the Art Class at the Millpool Centre in Looe.

She is very pleased with her painting and so she should be, I think its excellent, well done Beth.


‘Crashing Wave’ in Watercolour by Beth Galipeau.


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