Pen & Wash Animals

One of the topics from the schedule this term, for the Learners of ‘Art with Yvette’ was Pen & Wash Animals, a super subject matter and technique.  I just had to share these paintings and drawings with you.

Well Done to you All.



A ‘Jam Packed’ Acrylic Techniques Workshop – 12th Nov 2018

I was invited this afternoon, to tutor a group of artists, that meet at St Martins Church Hall in Looe,   Some of the group, had not used Acrylics before and were keen to learn some Basic Techniques.   In the space of 2½ hours, we covered techniques such as Impasto, Wet in Wet, Dry Brush, Scumbling, Splattering and Glazing, as well as creating texture with a Sponge, Scrunched up Kitchen Roll, Palette Knives and Pieces of Card.  All these techniques were used to create sections of a picture.  I explained how you can add different additives to Gesso to provide texture to the surface before painting on.

Below are a few snippets of some of the techniques demonstrated, plus a picture of the group of ladies that attended the workshop.

I believe that they all enjoyed their afternoon and went away with new found skills.


Tonal Value Exercise by Students – 27th Feb 2018.

Working in Tone with Charcoal is quite challenging especially for students new to this medium, its a delicate and soft medium, creating beautiful tonal values.

The class at ‘Blisland’ were set this exercise, before they could start working in colour with watercolour this week.  Here are the results of ‘Oranges’ in tone and some watercolour paintings in progress..


Happy New Year to all you Arty Folk

Whoosh!! where did Christmas Go!!  It went quicker than keeping a wet edge from drying on you.

I hope that you all had a very good Christmas and now feeling refreshed and ready for the new year ahead.

I shall be busy this week compiling all the schedules ready for classes, that are resuming next week from Monday the 9th January.  I look forward to seeing some of you back at classes next week and I will be bringing all the lovely Christmas cards painted by many of you to show them off.  For those of you that don’t attend a class, I will be sending a post out very soon with images of all the Painted Christmas Cards I received.


For a full list of classes starting next week click here.

Happy New Year to you All.

Todays Watercolour Workshop Update 5th April

At the Warehouse Arts Centre at Bodmin today (5th April), 8 brave new learners attended my Essential Watercolour Workshop for Beginners.  It was a super day that sped by all too quickly.  All the learners went home with a finished painting and plenty of information to help them start their new journey in Watercolour.

Thank you, to all of you that attended, making it a most enjoyable day.


P1140084 P1140083

Percy’s Portraits Updated Post

Hi All, here are a few more portraits that have been finished recently that are extra to the Original post, click on this link to see the full complement of Percy’s!!


Photo 2016-04-13 15.51.24 Photo 2016-04-13 15.50.48 Photo 2016-04-13 15.50.17 Photo 2016-04-13 15.49.38

Percy’s Portraits

One Brave Learner (My Dad) agreed to me using one of my photographs of him for a class exercise.  Percy (Dad) also took the challenge to paint himself, and these are the results of this exercise.

Here is the photograph they worked from followed by the Learners paintings……  (The Learners are from the Friday Morning Class at Menheniot and my Wednesday Afternoon Class, now being held at Liskeard).

I certainly think that everyone has captured a likeness to him.  Well done everyone.

P1050414P1130771 P1130768 P1130766 percy2 P1140061 P1140060 P1140059 P1140058 P1140057 P1140055 P1130971 P1130969 P1130770 P1130766P1130751 P1130752 P1130806 P1130807 P1130808

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