Tonal Value Exercise by Students – 27th Feb 2018.

Working in Tone with Charcoal is quite challenging especially for students new to this medium, its a delicate and soft medium, creating beautiful tonal values.

The class at ‘Blisland’ were set this exercise, before they could start working in colour with watercolour this week.  Here are the results of ‘Oranges’ in tone and some watercolour paintings in progress..



‘Beginners Pastel’ Workshop – Round Up.

An excellent days work from all the students that were ‘New’ to this superb medium (soft pastels), that attended this workshop.  I am sure you will agree, they have done exceptionally well.  A thoroughly enjoyable day at Blisland Village Hall. If anyone missed out this time, make sure you join the next one! Date to be confirmed.

Salt Techniques with Watercolour

In the last session of term (March 2017) at Menheniot we practiced Salt techniques.   (See Salt Techniques below)  This is always a fun session, as its always a surprise to see just how the salt works on different stages of the wet paint as its drying.   One very new learner to painting, shows it does work and its a joy to see a learner smile and go home pleased with their work.

It really is great to see how an absolute new beginner to watercolour, improve in just a short time.  ‘Pat’ has only been painting for 1 term (10 Weeks), and has had a steep ladder to climb as she paints alongside learners that have been coming to class for many years.


Winter Wonderland by ‘Pat Brunskill’

Salt Techniques:

  • Make sure your ‘salt’ is dry, if necessary warm it in an oven or stand next to a heater for a while, alternatively, store in an airing cupboard.  This will help to make the salt work at its best.
  • Salt absorbs the moisture but repels the pigment of the watercolour to create ‘blooms’
  • The watercolour wash has to be still wet but not too shiny.
  • The effect varies depending on the wetness of the wash and the size of the salt grains.  The wetter the watercolour surface the larger the reactions will be.
  • Add sprinkles of salt, but don’t mound the salt as this wont give you very good results.  Less is more.
  • When its dry, which can take a while, brush it off.
  • If it has not worked, it could because the was on the paper was too dry, the salt was damp, or the watercolour wash was overworked into the paper allowing little movement of the colour.
  • Practice beforehand to get the actual results you want.

Here are a few other paintings from learners at the Bodmin Watercolour Class.


Percy’s Portraits Updated Post

Hi All, here are a few more portraits that have been finished recently that are extra to the Original post, click on this link to see the full complement of Percy’s!!


Photo 2016-04-13 15.51.24 Photo 2016-04-13 15.50.48 Photo 2016-04-13 15.50.17 Photo 2016-04-13 15.49.38

Percy’s Portraits

One Brave Learner (My Dad) agreed to me using one of my photographs of him for a class exercise.  Percy (Dad) also took the challenge to paint himself, and these are the results of this exercise.

Here is the photograph they worked from followed by the Learners paintings……  (The Learners are from the Friday Morning Class at Menheniot and my Wednesday Afternoon Class, now being held at Liskeard).

I certainly think that everyone has captured a likeness to him.  Well done everyone.

P1050414P1130771 P1130768 P1130766 percy2 P1140061 P1140060 P1140059 P1140058 P1140057 P1140055 P1130971 P1130969 P1130770 P1130766P1130751 P1130752 P1130806 P1130807 P1130808

A Proud New Learner

One of my newest members to one of my classes is ‘Charles’ from Menheniot, ‘Sue’ his wife, has been coming to my classes for many many years now and Charles has driven ‘Sue’ to and fro classes ever since she started.  Many of you will know Charles as he helped me greatly in the Student Art Exhibitions we had in Menheniot.

‘Sue’ has been very poorly but was determined to continue painting and came back to class this September after missing a few terms, ‘Charles’ decided that he would join ‘Sue’ to keep her company in class and keep her in check, as she can be a proper noisy one (ONLY JOKING SUE).

He was somewhat nervous when he arrived and as you do I, dropped him in the deep end, by getting him to paint one of the scheduled exercises the rest of the class was doing.

I thought that would send him running, but instead he excelled and did himself proper proud.   What a delight to see him get such pleasure out of his new hobby, he completed a snow scene painting which he has had printed into a Christmas Card and has had the painting framed as well.

Here he is proudly showing off one of his paintings that he has had  framed ready for a Christmas Present for his Mum.

Well Done Charles.



Learners Work from the Recent ‘Seascape Pastel’ Workshop

What a superb turn out for the one day ‘Pastel Seascape’ Workshop that was held on the 18th August at a fantastic venue The ‘Millpool Centre’, Looe.

Here is my completed demonstration pastel painting from the day.


Pastel Seascape, 55cm x 38cm by Yvette Wiltshire

Photos of the day and the learners finished works of art, what a great selection and all worthy of framing.

P1000317P1000326P1000325P1000322Pastel Seascape Workshop (14) Pastel Seascape Workshop (12) Pastel Seascape Workshop (11) Pastel Seascape Workshop (10) Pastel Seascape Workshop (5) Pastel Seascape Workshop (6) Pastel Seascape Workshop (8) Pastel Seascape Workshop (9) Pastel Seascape Workshop (13) Pastel Seascape Workshop (4) Pastel Seascape Workshop (2) Pastel Seascape Workshop (1)Pastel Seascape Workshop (7)If you fancy having a go at a Pastel Workshop then please let me know.



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