Tonal Painting ‘Class Demonstrations’

Tonal Painting Scotland Cottages  Working in one colour, helps you to understand ‘tone’ better, the hue, is the colour i.e. red, blue, yellow etc…  The tone is the lightness or darkness of that colour.  In Watercolour, when working on a white surface, the light is represented by the paper, the artist is in large, painting shades.  Areas of white paper can be left, creating ‘VITAL’ highlighted contrasts.Tonal Painting Godolphin

Tonal Painting Cotehele Mill

Art Classes with Yvette


Free Pastel Demo at Truro Arts, Truro.

To Book a Place, Contact Truro Arts on 01872 240567 or Email  

Truro Pastel Demo A5 Workshop Posters 201821 (002)


Learners Work from the Recent ‘Seascape Pastel’ Workshop

What a superb turn out for the one day ‘Pastel Seascape’ Workshop that was held on the 18th August at a fantastic venue The ‘Millpool Centre’, Looe.

Here is my completed demonstration pastel painting from the day.


Pastel Seascape, 55cm x 38cm by Yvette Wiltshire

Photos of the day and the learners finished works of art, what a great selection and all worthy of framing.

P1000317P1000326P1000325P1000322Pastel Seascape Workshop (14) Pastel Seascape Workshop (12) Pastel Seascape Workshop (11) Pastel Seascape Workshop (10) Pastel Seascape Workshop (5) Pastel Seascape Workshop (6) Pastel Seascape Workshop (8) Pastel Seascape Workshop (9) Pastel Seascape Workshop (13) Pastel Seascape Workshop (4) Pastel Seascape Workshop (2) Pastel Seascape Workshop (1)Pastel Seascape Workshop (7)If you fancy having a go at a Pastel Workshop then please let me know.



Pastel Seascape Workshop/Demonstration

Pastels are a superb medium and one that I enjoy very much, so when I was asked by the Padstow Art Group to demonstrate and tutor a workshop, I jumped at it.

The group followed a step by step demonstration and here is my finished Pastel Painting.


Gorran Haven in Pastel on Sandpaper (22" x 15")

Gorran Haven in Pastel on Sandpaper (22″ x 15″)

And here is the Padstow Art Group proudly showing off their paintings at the end of the day.

Padstow Art Group with their finished paintings

Padstow Art Group with their finished paintings

I had an excellent day and I was kept supplied with refreshing mugs of tea throughout the day, thank you Padstow Art Group.

Comments from the day were:

I think a wow would go well here!!  what a day and thank you so much for coming across and giving us lots of Ideas. 
We will be using you again and I hope soon,  I think most of us went home rather tired so that must be a sign that everyone enjoyed it, I know I did and was very tired, 

Here are a few more images of the day.

Padstow Art Group 7Padstow Art Group 4 Padstow Art Group 8Padstow Art Group 9




Week 5 ‘No’ Drawing Painting Challenge of Animals or People

Watercolour Painting: ‘Quietly having fun’….

I am supposed to be getting looser with these ‘No’ drawing painting challenges, but I seem to be getting more fussy!!

I started off with getting the overall shape of the figure in step 1.

In Step 2 I added some further colour and shadows.

In Step 3 increasing some darks and the water and sand area.

I didn’t want to overdo the painting, I wanted it to be innocent and delicate.Colours I have used are: Winsor Blue (Red Shade), Winsor Lemon, Raw Sienna and Light Red.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3


Week 4 ‘No’ Drawing Painting Challenge of Animals or People

Who’s legs are whose!

I really enjoyed doing this little painting with no drawing, it was less stressful than the portrait!!

I have used French Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber.

Who's Legs are Whose!!

Who’s Legs are Whose!!


Week 3 ‘No’ Drawing Painting Challenge of Animals or People

My  Lopsided Squiffy Selfie

My Lopsided Squiffy Selfie

Better late than never, here is my Week 3 Challenge Painting, no drawing at all.

I am certainly not a Portrait Artist and tend to shy away from painting human portraits.  So when asked to include human portraiture in this terms schedule I was not overly keen, but included it anyway.

Learners were encouraged to do a Selfie, so it was only right that I did one too.


Please be kind with your comments I am quite a sensitive soul really.

The colours I used in my Selfie were:

Raw Umber: Yellowy green in colour, a Natural Earth colour, classed as a cool brown which varies considerably from make to make and from where it is mined.  Generally Semi Opaque, but the Artist Quality in Winsor & Newton is Transparent and lightfast.  If you don’t have raw umber, you could use raw sienna with a touch of ultramarine blue to get a similar colour.

French Ultramarine Blue: Originally produced from Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious stone from Afghanistan, it was ground into powder and made into ultramarine the finest and most expensive of the blue pigments.  An artificial Ultramarine was invented by a Frenchman, Monsieur J.B. Guimet, a bright violet-blue.  Genuine Ultramarine is still manufactured but on a very small-scale.  It is a Transparent to Semi-Transparent pigment and will lift easily.

Brown Madder:  similar to Light Red but leaning towards Indian Red.  I use Winsor & Newton Brown Madder for its cleanness and transparency (Semi Transparent), extremely permanent and staining.  (It is part of the Quinacridone family of pigments.)   

Permanent Alizarin Crimson  Alizarin Crimson is fugitive (fades), so I use Permanent Alizarin Crimson, but it is more expensive. Its a Staining colour and Transparent.  Winsor & Newton Permanent Alizarin Crimson is  a quinacridone colour to simulate the appearance of the traditional colour. With some adjustment it’s an excellent replacement for artists who are most concerned with permanence.

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