‘Frosty Snowdrops’ with Salt.

Learners are having fun this ‘term’, using ‘Salt’ to create Texture in their Paintings, one learner could not resist scattering it around some Snowdrops, and here is the result.



When adding Salt to Watercolour, it is important to practice it first, watch how the salt works differently, on the varying stages of wet paint.


The wetter the paint the larger the effects are.


Mid sheen wetness, gives smaller speckles.


A touch over salted – not much room to flow.

You can either use Fine Table Salt or Rock Salt, table salt generally gives, smaller speckles, where as rock salt will create much larger effects.  You could always use a salt grinder, with rock salt to give varying degrees of speckles.  Whichever you use, Don’t Rush the drying process with forced heat, as it will stop the salt working too quickly.  Let it dry naturally and you will be amazed at how it changes during the drying process.

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