Naughty Pupils!!

A recent drawing class were sent to face the walls, just like naughty school children, but at least they had something to do!!P1150394







Its not ideal working from a wall as its a bit too upright, an easel at a slight angle would be better.

Drawing and painting standing at an easel assists you to take a step back and observe your work, it helps you to get some perspective on your work.  Its important to stand away from time to time, just by standing a few feet away will help you see your mistakes, keeping your nose almost touching you work means that you are not observing the overall effects you are trying to make.

Additionally it helps you to become a freer,  looser artist, allowing you to make more expressive marks, the closer you are to your work the tighter your mark making will be.

It is doubly important to make sure that your easel position is at the right height and angle for you, so you don’t have to keep lifting your arm up, as this will become tiring.  Relax and remember to breath, roll your shoulders occasionally to ease any tension, try not to twist your body too, position yourself straight on.  The experience should be enjoyable and relaxing not feel like a workout.

To help free your drawing up try using your non drawing hand, i.e. if your right handed use your left hand and visa versa.

Remember relax and enjoy it, after all its only just a piece of paper!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Pamela Foxwell
    Mar 24, 2017 @ 09:26:22

    gosh they are really good! must have a excellent teacher !


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