Summer Painting Classes

A Summer Art Class will be running at Cartwheels Craft Centre at Merrymeet, Every Wednesday from 10am through to 4pm until September 2014P1090144

You can choose what time you turn up and how long you stay. (The class will finish at 4pm so please don’t turn up at 3.30pm for a 2 hour class!!!! Or you will be on your own and locked in!!)

There is no need to let me know what dates you want to do, just turn up.

A project will be available for you to work from, or you may wish to work on your own ideas or if the weather is kind we can work outdoors.

I hope the flexibility of this Summer term will suit you for the next few months as I know that many of you are Keen Gardeners, Holiday’ers and Grand-Children Minderer’s, and find committing to a term not possible. So if you can make one class its better than none at all.

I look forward to seeing you hopefully at some point through the Summer, normal term times will commence again in September – See Website for dates. 





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