Amazing Colour Chart

2 Weeks ago I set a colour chart exercise for my Beginners Watercolour Class at Cartwheels Craft Centre, most of the learners used between 12 and 18 colours to complete the Right Angle Triangle chart, the chart mixes each colour in turn with all the other colours in your palette, a 50/50 mix, it’s very much like a mileage chart that calculates your journey, often found in diaries.

One Learner ‘Jenny Slater’ amazed us all with completing a 32 colour chart, all the squares being neatly drawn and in perfect lines.  We were all in awe of her dedication to get it completed for last nights class, an exercise set for homework 2 weeks ago and I wanted it finished for last nights class.  As we all know if we don’t have a deadline we don’t always get around to finishing things.  I know this myself as I have a pile of unfinished demo type work.

So here is the chart, all 32 colours, across 9 pages of watercolour paper, as a guide to how big it is you will notice my feet, as I had to put it on the floor to be able to photograph it.  Super colour mixes.

Her reply last night when I congratulated her on the work was, “Well, you set me the challenge and I just had to finish it,  I was determined to complete it”!

‘Jenny’, we salute you.  (Click on image to view it better)

Jenny's amazing colour chart

Jenny’s amazing colour chart


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. helen351
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:54:39

    Hi Yvette,

    Amazing…so no excuses for Jenny using any ‘wrong’ colours in her palette!😊

    Helen x



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