‘Buoy’ on Water – Step by Step Guide to Painting a Simple Refection.

Learners at the recent Workshop at Cartwheels Craft Centre for Watercolour Boats and Harbours, started off by painting this image, they followed my step by step practical guide, see below for how it was painted….

Mevagissey (160)

1.  Draw the Buoy and the main reflection shapes. P1080941

2.  Paint in the Buoy and its reflection, I used Gamboge and Winsor Red, then using a similar orange colour paint in the reflections from other Buoys, keep the colours as if they are the actual items, a glaze of blue/grey will be added later.P1080943Larger Image

3.  Continue to fill in all the ‘orange’ coloured reflections by varying the mix, the other reflections around the buoy are from ones on the boat.  I used Gamboge and Winsor Red for the Buoy and its reflection and for the other reflection I used Winsor Yellow and Alizarin Crimson.  (You could use Cadmium Yellow with Cadmium Red and Lemon Yellow with Alizarin Crimson).P1080946

4.  Now start adding the blue reflections.  Remember that its the colour that’s above the water.  I used Winsor Blue (Green Shade) for some reflections, I also added Burnt Umber to the Winsor Blue (Green Shade) for others and some had Winsor Blue (Red Shade) added.  (You could use Phathlo Blue and Cobalt Blue plus the Burnt Umber).P1080948


5.  Finish painting the dark blue area of the ‘buoy’ and its reflection.  I used Ultramarine and tiny touch of Alizarin CrimsonP1080954

6.  Finally Mix up a puddle of Blue/Grey, I used Winsor Blue (Green Shade)  Same as Phathlo Blue with Madder Brown, (you could use Indian Red or Light red with Phathalo Blue).  This is a thin Glaze, so as not to block out the colours underneath.  Paint this Glaze in using a large wash brush over the complete water area, start from the top and work downwards, this mutes down the reflection and softens all the hard edges.


Finished Painting Demo


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