Dry Brush Technique

In this weeks classes we have been working on Boats, and some of the images used to work from have been on Water or on Sand or Low Tidal Mud either in a harbour or river.  The following Step by Step Guide to achieving Dry Brush Effects for Water will be useful for Boats on Water as per the following Painting:


A Boat named ‘Me-an-der’ on Water by Yvette Wiltshire

Dry Brush Step by Step Guide

  1. Mix your paint Different Directional Strokes (8)
  2. Dab off excess paint onto kitchen roll
  3. Dab offLay the Brush flat on the paper and drag sideways, if you have too much paint in your brush you won’t have gaps in paper like thisRough Paper (1)
  4. Dab off your brush and try again, see how the second row is much drier lookingRough Paper (2)
  5. The next row is even drierRough Paper (3)
  6. Different Paper will also play a part in getting good effects, it works very well on a rough surface and you can achieve a good dry brush result on a less textured paper but you will need to vary the amount of paint left in the brush.  Always test first on a scrap of paper making sure you use the same texture as the paper you are working on.   The following images show different examples of varying surface textures:
  7. Khadi Paper – Heavy Texture
  8. Different Directional Strokes (10)Khadi Paper – Heavy TextureDifferent Directional Strokes (12)
  9. A ‘Not’ Surface – Medium Texture with 2 layers of different Blue appliedDifferent Directional Strokes (15)
  10. Semi Smooth PaperSmoother Paper  (3)
  11. The 3 different surfaces compared Different Directional Strokes (7)
  12. Using a more vertical stroke of Dry Brush to get different effects, like grass.   Different Directional Strokes (4)
  13. Different Directional Strokes (2)A Further Layer of a darker Green added and I have some brown that could be earth using a sideways brush stroke.Different Directional Strokes (5)
  14. Or Water?
  15. Different Directional Strokes (1)Dry Brush Work was used to achieve the textures on the mountains in the following image.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
  16. And the textures of the rocks in the following image.Moorland View
  17. Hopefully, you are now ready to have a go yourselves.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul Mallett
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 06:59:45

    So what sort of paper was the “Me-an-der” boat painted on? Your water effects are absolutely fantastic on the picture* (though I’d like to see the boat itself perhaps given a bit more depth of colour maybe??)

    *One of the best paintings of water I can remember seeing.


  2. Art with Yvette Blog Blog
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 06:53:35

    The Paper used was a ‘NOT’ Surface Bockingford Watercolour Paper.
    I will show you the actual painting.


  3. Paul
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 06:58:39

    Yes, please.


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