1st July 2013

It was brough to my attention that when anyone viewed my website on an iPad or iPhone, you were unable to view the majority of photographs.

I was using ‘Flash Photo Gallery’ which the iPad/iPhone did not support, I have now updated my website with ‘JavaScript’ to allow users of iPads/iPhones to view and access all of my website without any restrictions.

Thank you Sue & Charles for bringing this to my attention.

Please check out my updated Website which includes new images and courses for the 2013 Autumn Term and the courses for 2014, I am still adding workshops that are coming up in the future so please check them out again soon.

Today (1st July 2013) was the first class of the Summer term at St Martins Church Hall, Liskeard, we worked on simple Landscape studies, using John Blockley as our inspiration.  Drawing with a pencil was not allowed and only 2 colours were used, after doing 3 different paintings everyone had the chance to do a quick painting from a  different image, one learner (Tessa Lewis) chose to do a quick study of Brent Tor Church, in no time at all she had produced the following picture approx A4 in size.  Tessa added a 3rd colour to her original 2 colours and speedily worked without any drawing, in roughly 30 minutes this was her result, well done Tessa.

Brent Tor Church by Tessa Lewis

Brent Tor Church by Tessa Lewis


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