Student Gallery Painting of the Month – February 2013

February 2013

Student Gallery Painting of the Month

This month there was one painting in particular that had to be the ‘Painting of the Month’, the standard is getting better and competition is hotting up.

The subject matters I have used in the course schedules have been received with enthusiasm this term.  One subject in particular even though most of you learners complained about the photograph! and how difficult it was to draw the door handle which I photographed at a slight angle, you all seemed to excell at this task, creating extremely good cracks in the paint work.

I just want to say that I was actually quite pleased with my image I photographed and could only blame the printer for producing a poor quality of the image!!!  Ha Ha..

Despite the moans and the groans about the image you all achieved the goal.

The objective of the exercise for this painting was to achieve a cracked and flaking old door with PVA Glue and Emulsion and to paint the handle in any medium they preferred. The Crackle effect worked extremely well for Trish and the handle was painted superbly using Acrylics. Trish is normally a watercolourist and this method was new to her like it was to many. Great Work Trish

I am thrilled to show the following painting on this Student Gallery.

Click on photo to see it larger to see more of the detail and click again to see more

Door Handle by Trish Penrose Lostwithiel Class

Trish Penrose – Lostwithiel Class


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